Solo Level 9 Mutator Arena Video, With Special Guest Sh4dow-TP

Shadow Trap SUCKS. That is all.

Enjoy the video guys. This took me around 8-10 hours of attempts to finally get it done. I got within one shotgun magazine unload of killing him one time before this and I ran out of ammo with his health basically at zero lol (somad). Many close calls in this one and a great ending to boot.

I used this slightly modified Jakobs Nisha build, so that I could have just one point in Bottled Courage, stupid fire dots.


Awesome video man! Your build is awesome too. you suggest a level 60 spec as I will be at that level soon? Thanks

Thank you,
If I were 60 I would use this build

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Cool. Right now I am at 55, got exactly the same spec,well except for law and order tree because I still need more points to make it past law and order to dicipline. Only thing is I am still looking for the right blue crapshooter com. I am still using the elpis But since I finally got the luck cannon to drop and I have a flayer, I don’t need the cryo boosts. Thanks for your time and input

You got it :smile:

nice video , what was in the chest ?

(i prefer to put the points of faster you in bottled courage, the SoA recharge faster then
and the fire rate depends on your trigger finger anyway)

Ya i know, I was trying to keep it as close to my build as possible though :smile:
Keep in mind this builds dps is highly dependent on Reload speed, which is all your getting in this build from FnY. It is VERY worth it to have FnY over bottled courage. I had meant normally i would have all 5 points in FnY as it is way better in almost every circumstance in the game to just not have bottled courage. This jerk being the only exception. I could have done it without, it just makes things easier. Saves me a FFYL here and there.