Solo Lv 72 Zer0 XB1 Looking for Gear and Coop

Hey Peeps!

I just hit Sanctuary as a recent Level 72 Zer0 on Xbox One (Handsome Collection) and I currently only play solo as I have limited time.

I managed to score a Bee (Marcus) and a Crammed Harold (from Savage Lee,) but I would love some other weaps to help my solo efforts to OP8 as Zer0…

If anyone has any spare gear I am looking for any of the following in any configuration for level 72:


I have had good luck farming level 72 legendary mods and grenades and can make an attempt to get you any of these in return with a little lead time after you tell me what you’re looking for…

I am in the US Central time zone and usually online in the ballpark of 8:00-10:00 PM on weeknights. Gamer Tag: Cris PSG1

I am also available to play coop on a limited basis if you wanna add me. Please let me know you’re from the Gearbox Boards…


I can help you with these three if you specify what variants you want. I can also farm you a Lyuda without an issue, and maybe even an Infinity if Mercy decides to be kind.

Let me know what variants you want, so in the case of the Sandhawk what element, and the other two more what prefix you want. For the Slagga i’d recommend a Murduring (I have one already at 72 you can have) and for the Florentine, because you’re Zer0 i’d say Consummate is best. I prefer Impetuous but that’s because I use it on Krieg in the Peak, and he benefits from the faster bullet speed, which I understand Zer0 already can deal with via skills.

Sweet! Thanks a ton!

Flying, Stopping, or Reserve would be great!

A Murduring Slagga is prefect!

Consumate Florentine should work great for me…

I have only had a Rapid Infinity before and I liked it as a bullet hose for Zer0. But anything would be great!

For a Lyuda, a Skorry or Bolshy would rock.

Your advice for any of this would be perfect as I still have a bunch to learn even for all the time I have put in. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! Solo’ing is tough so this will help greatly!

Element? I assume Shock and Corrosive, but sometimes people want Fire.

Sorry, shock would be great, but otherwise non-elemental would be fine as that’s what I used in TVHM and it worked great for me.

No worries. Leave it with me, i’ll try and have it all ready by tomorrow :wink:

You rock! And no worries on the timing! :slight_smile:

Also Zer0, also looking for lvl 72 stuff if anyone can help… Have some to trade - Banbury Volcano, Fwap a Nukem, Murdering Slagga, Vengeful Infinity (shock version as well), DPUH, Bee, Blast Proof Bee etc. Also, I have tons of lvl 61 stuff to share…


@crispsg1 I got a non-elemental Sandhawk that is the wrong prefix but it’s the correct parts, let me know if you want it


Yeah for sure! She’s a beauty! :smiley:

Ok, just got you this too

Correct prefix and Maliwan parts :thumbsup:

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WHOAAAAA!!! That’s a glorious piece of kit!! Thanks so much!! Can’t wait to saunter through Frostburn with that beauty! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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It’s no big deal. This is the Slagga I had, just noticed it’s all Bandit parts :slight_smile:

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That Slagga RIPS!

I appreciate it and I will definitely pay it forward for other folks who need a hand. :smiley:

I just came across a Twin Gwen’s Head (shock) if you want it? And a Fire Breach Veruc while trying to get a Lyuda.

I would love to try the Gwen’s as I have crits dialed up to eleven on my Zer0 with mods and relics. Should rip for CQB crits I’m thinking.

Oh, I don’t need the Veruc as I usually don’t run any ARs. But thanks for the offer!

You don’t run any ARs? But that means you don’t use a Bekah…

Anyway, @crispsg1 after a few runs I finally got a Lyuda, it’s Bolshy and Shock but is only level 71.

Lol honestly I have not “owned” a pearl yet…

Seems that anytime I have run an AR for any given amount of time, I have found I could do better with another platform, so I always get rid of them. I got a ton of Verucs on TVHM but always sold them or gave them away.

Maybe I don’t know what I’m missing. :slight_smile: