Solo lvl 61 siren

So I’ve recently hit lvl 61 now with my siren and want to know If there is any builds out there or gear guides. I have updated my items lately ( fire and normal sand hawks, bee shield, etc.)and want to know If there is anything you think I should go for. Thanks again :slight_smile: ( P.S. I know I said most of this and asked for help as lvl 54 but now I’m 61 so yea thanks everyone they helps)

Glad to see that you made it to 61! Here’s a link to The Community Maya Guide. There you’ll find just about everything you’ll need.

As I recall, you only have the first UVHM upgrade pack, correct? Which means that you’re now capped. The build that @Worblehat suggested here is a solid build for any Maya player. Adjust it to your style, and you’ll be fine. The key skills for Maya are, in no particular order, Converge, Chain Reaction, Ruin, Reaper and Wreck. They are your main offense.

I also strongly advice you to become familiar with the Pimpernel. Along with those skills mentioned earlier, it becomes an absolute beast in Maya’s hands. Fantastic for mobbing! It has a slight learning curve, but still very easy to use.

Since you don’t have the UVHM 2 upgrade, you don’t have access to the legendary Cat, Binder and Nurse, so a Legendary Siren is your best option for general mobbing. The cooldown bonus on it is really good, and it offers a lot of gun damage too. For raids, I’d go with a Blue Killer Cat COM +6 Mind’s eye and +5 Accelerate, and then go full BeeHawk. There are limited possibilities for phaselocking against raids, otherwise I’d recommend a Purple Scheming Cat instead.

And finally… Just because things aren’t “Top Gear” doesn’t mean that they don’t work. Keep that in mind! There are plenty of nice things out there for you to find. Ravagers, Quads, Plasma Casters, Uniques, Legendaries, Seraphs and Pearlescents. Have fun! :smiley:


Depends a bit on your class Mod… For a Legendary Siren, here’s a solid one

If you are running a different class mod, please list as it impacts your skill spec.

@Worblehat and @Ronnie_Rayburn have stated, as well as myself in your last thread, it’s more prioritizing which skills you need. Ruin, Converge and Wreck are musts, and Foresight, Cloud Kill, Chain Reaction, and Reaper are all really strong so you’re going to pick up those. From there, you need more points for Ruin, so Immolate and Helios are taken. After that, I suggest Inertia and Quicken for the moment. You may choose to re-spec when you have enough points to get to Life Tap.

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