Solo Maliwan Takedown Build Thread

Hey what are you guys using to solo the takedown on TVHM M4?

I’m using Ties that bind, Allure and Blight Tiger


  • Brainstormer - 50% Cryo damage while terrified

  • Corrosive Cutsman - Chance to fire extra projectile while terrified

  • Sellout (Low Level)

  • Transformer - Gain ammo regen while terrified

  • Quasar - Apply terror to yourself after ASE

  • Spiritual Driver COM - +24% mag size

  • Elemental Projector Victory Rush - +40% mag size, +16% cryo damage

So far I’ve been able to kill Wotan in under three minutes.
What builds are you guys using? Post them down below!

isn’t amara the only character that can solo it without taking advantage of exploits or tediore chucker?

Not sure. Although Moze can do it with tediore throws and I know flak can do it, not sure the strategy though. Is that really a problem if not every character can solo the hardest content in the game (so far) just a couple days after the dlc’s release?

The problem is not being able to solo it after day 1 or 2.

The problem is Amara doing it in about 3 minutes while Zane so far has not been able to do it at all without the extra projectile glitch (dunno if any have tried Teddy-chuck) and Moze and Fl4k can only do it with Teddy-chuck.

That’s a huge problem.


i believe fl4k also uses tediore chucker and not a problem just be prepared for the nerfs and fixes to follow. I also think their is a terror annoinment bug that is pretty op that can make soloing easy but i can’t recall which 1.

I think the issue isn’t the takedown or M4, Its the balancing of the vault hunters themselves. The takedown is meant to be challenging and M4 is meant to be challenging. If the other vault hunters were balanced properly this wouldn’t be an issue. I believe that in order to solo the takedown on M4, it should require the most optimum gear and builds. That being said, every character should have the capabilities of doing it solo. However, the raid itself should not be made easier in order to accomplish that because that would remove the difficulty from what is meant to be the most difficult thing to do in the game.

Tediore chuck shouldn’t be the only way to do it though because that completely disregards build variety and relies completely on the power of a single weapon.

But once again, the answer isn’t nerf the raid, it is buff the other characters


Bare in mind alot of things are currently broken in the latest patch so once those are fixed it will probably be easier to solo.

Very good point. Many people are quick to call for making the raid or M4 easier which I don’t believe is the answer. Hopefully things are better after they fix what they just broke lol

True, as well as everything else you said. The problem is clearer now than ever.

Amaras are working on speed running it, even the “2nd and 3rd best VHers” can’t do it at all without abusing Tediore which is OP because it scales off of literally everything.

Amara can do it in multiple ways, exploiting or not, with a variety of gear. Everyone else can’t.

I’m personally geared to the teeth. I can’t imagine the top tier Mozes and Fl4ks who aren’t capable of doing it aren’t equally geared.


Yup. Never seen it sans-Transformer though

They really gave Amara all of the answers lol

She’s got (probably) the most reliable survival skills in Root to rise, Arms deal, helping hand(s), One with nature and guardian angel as well as sustainment, which is possibly the best skill in the game for survival.

She has high damage output with her COMs and skills as well as having possibly the best synergy with the best crowd control gun in the game, the brainstormer.

I think the lack of a skill such as sustainment means that most characters struggle to survive overall. Perhaps they should undo their nerf to tesla grenades on Moze and then rework Flaks survival skills so that he can reliably tank more damage or something. What do you think?


Amara is definitely insanely powerful… kind of makes sense storyline wise since she’s a siren but it’s really annoying as a Moze player that I can barely solo the takedown while Amara can just tie that binds everything in her path

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They made it so Amara does more damage, number wise, than anyone else.

They made it so she does multiple (if not all) elements at the same time, so even if she didn’t do so much base damage she could easily ignore the elemental damage mechanic by not having to choose weapons depending on their element.

Her gear is all very powerful and she can use the largest variety of it because of point 2.

They gave her a COM which basically does Zane’s Hitman tree, but with better scaling damage wise and faster move speed.

All of her anointments are stronger. She also can mob just by using her augment, even with single target weapons.

She can take the best advantage of melee, sliding, and slamming as well.

She also moves the fastest, even faster than the kill skill character, with stronger kill skills.

While I want everyone to be at that level, or it’s nice to daydream about, she may very well just need to be toned down as well.

It shows doubly that the content isn’t meant to be soloed, but like we stated before: Amara is speed running M4 Takedown, no one else is doing it.

Not to take that accomplishment away from Amara, but it’s absurd at this point.


Definitely. What do you think they could do to make Moze more powerful?

Buff not nerf please. When I finish on FL4K I want to experiment with all those cool siren skill trees. Just give OP players the option to increase modifiers… if they so wish…

That is understandable. However, don’t you think that more people would be happier if they just buffed the characters to be more equipped to handle this content? While it is possible to speed run this harder content with Amara, you’re not invincible. It feels similar to how running digistruct peak felt, in my opinion. I would be on board for slight nerfs to Amara but as we’ve already seen, everyone gets very upset when characters get nerfed and so it would probably be wiser to leave her be and focus on the other vault hunters in the meantime.

Yes, but clearly they don’t know how to do that with the fact that they buffed Zane’s action skill damage (never the explicit issue, but still one) while they gave Amara his entire blue tree one COM that makes her do 5x damage when he gets barely 1.3 scaling from 5 points in Violent Momentum (AFTER the buff) and to get all the applicable move speed you need to spend 15 skill points.

It’s not that they could just increase the scaling more, it’s that they didn’t. As an extra shot in the foot, they decreased his originality (his main selling point) and gave it to the strongest character.

They do not seem to know how to balance characters or have their finger on the pulse of what the other characters even need. At the same time, Amara is absurdly broken and only gets more broken over time.


Calling her absurdly broken is a bit of a stretch to me to be honest. Salvador was absurdly broken because he could one shot all of pandora by exploiting the ahab and pimpernel. Amara is just using the tools that they have given her. Because of that, Amara could be considered the most balanced vault hunter while the rest are insanely unbalanced. A good way to help improve the game is by throwing out suggestions that would help improve the characters. Instead of trying to get one character nerfed, why not throw out ideas that you think would help improve the other characters?

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As a Moze main, the only thing i really want is a skill in the red or green tree that gives healing, like a kills skill lifesteal one.

Because powerful in this game really means “control the field” + do lots of damage I would say:

  • Iron Bears bubble shield applies a cryo effect to slow down enemies. That would help control the field a bit in harsh mobbing fights. Obviously not as powerful as phasegrasp but it would be something

  • Rework force feedback to give a percentage of Moze shield directly back to give her another sustain option

  • Give Iron Bear shoulder mounted weapon augments so that he can have 4 weapons instead of 2. Should help IB deal damage and give players more reasons to experiment with him

  • Rework click click so that it’s worth using

  • Give moze a skill to let her richochet bullets (similar to Nisha in TPS). That may be controversial though…and it doesn’t really fit in with Mozes theme but it would definitely give her a way to control the field