Solo missions: Please let me reconnect at the cost of one life

I have tried to beat the 5th story mission four times by now. Either Steam or roommate streaming TV makes my connection go down for a minute, and I lose all the progress. This is maddening.

Suggestion: Instead of killing the server for solo players, please let me reconnect to the game. I would be okay with it costing one life, but please, don’t stop the server when I just had a small connection hiccup. This kills the fun.

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I tried the mission for the sixth time now. One of these was me properly losing all lives with boss’s health down to 10%.

The other five was me being disconnected. I tried to join the game right away, but it just started the mission anew.

Please implement some 10-minute timeout for solo players. Don’t kill the server right away.


I think this should definitely be implemented that there is say a 5-15 minute window where the server is paused/dormant and lets you reconnect as someone in single player.