Solo Moze Slaughter Shaft Completion M4

This… is… MOZE!

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I’m confident that this build is capable of completing the Maliwan Takedown Raid, before the hotfix. I may attempt this tonight in offline mode. What I will change is my shield, with one that has a +75% shield/health or +50% Corrosion anointments. The grenade I will also consider changing to one that boosts corrosion damage or one that deals corrosion damage such as a Ghast Call. Another thought is to equip a grenade and shield with terror anointments. 1 that applies terror, and 1 that reduces damage received when terrified.

What would take this build to the next level is the artifact. My personal preference would be a Last Stand Otto Idol with the following perks: SMG dmg, +33% AOE, and grenade dmg.

The BBB shield does a surprisingly good job keeping you alive. If you keep moving while shooting/taking damage, you’ll consistently pick up the booster. Changing it might not be necessary.

Another spin to this build I will try is going all in on red. Because the class mod has 3 pts in Vampyr, I still have healing via grenades. The BBB will keep giving me grenades without having to rely on Means of Destruction. The 30% dmg boost of Phalanx Doctrine will be provided almost constantly. The boost lasts for 30 seconds and resets when shield is fully charged. By running over 2 boosters from the BBB shield it will be replenished by 120%. Not to mention it has strong recharge rate to capacity ratio. If Phalanx Doctrine provides 40% shield, and BBB drops a 60% shield booster, that in itself is 100%. The only issue will be constantly taking damage in certain situations which would prevent recharging of the shield. I’m hoping the last stand artifact would be the life line I need for a situation like that. There’s always iron bear too. The trees would look something like this: