Solo Op8-Uvhm Sniper Zer0 using *gasp* Lyudmila?

I am requesting maven assistance with a solo OP8-UVHM Zer0 sniper using only sniper weapons–a moment of silence, please, for when I run out of ammo.

But wait! There’s more… To muddle matters even worse, I do not wish to use the Pimpernel.

Don’t loathe me. I see amazing players doing crazy stuff with that weapon, but I would rather aim for critical spots instead of compensating for that great weapon and aiming for the crotch or with Vel0city maybe a big toe. Granted, getting shot in the slagged Jimmy has got to smart.

My go to will likely be the Lyuda unless someone has a better idea that doesn’t begin with a P and end with an L.

Slagging with Zer0: Ouch? This is one issue for which I do not know how to adequately compensate.

Along with a great personality, Maya sniper is endowed with… effective slagging capabilities. Please help me make Zer0 work even though he is not so well endowed… with, you know, slag … and stuff.

More complexity: I would like to sidestep the playstyle where you switch to one weapon to slag an enemy, then switch to another to finish it off. I see this a lot at high levels and do not enjoy that at all. Is a slag grenade enough for mobbing and raiding? Any other ideas for the slag-challenged, lagging Lyuda lover?

Hoping for Playstyle: I would like to switch to a sniper weapon based on enemy type and mob weakness to elemental damage and then slag (without constantly switching blasted weapons) and aim for criticals.

I can cobble together a build and some equipment, but my knowledge comes from years ago and so any help would be great.

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I’m not huge into sniper but enough to get the ball rolling.

Firstly, slag. Slag transfusions are my favourite if I’m not carrying a slag gun. The healing is great, but I prefer their homing ability to betties or Magic Missiles. MMs would be my second choice. For mobbing - especially with decent CA stacks - you can often ignore slag.

Gun : Lyuda is the gold standard. Droog will be good but if you really want to be efficient at OP8, Lyuda all the way. Alternatively try a Sloth. Velocity works wonders to improve its slow bullets.

COM next : Legendary Sniper is by far the most practical for most work. Chaotic Rogue with Two Fang and Velocity is typically used for raids.

Build : should be pretty obvious once you have the Leg Sniper. This has options :

Take points out of Two Fang to conserve ammo. Leave one for the Rogue. Put the points into Unforseen, Rising Shot and Followthrough.

Iron Fist’s points can go into Killing Blow if you think you might play that way.

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Kind of. The thing is in a lot of areas the effective use of Lyuda includes building up a stack of CA, which drops the moment you switch to a non-sniper. When you get it high enough you pretty much don’t need no slag anymore. But when you do need slag you’d have to have it on hand from a sniper or your grenade and let’s just face the reality: Pimpernel is the most effective slagging tool in the game and it’s a sniper. If you absolutely loath the idea of that then try for a maliwan grip, maliwan barrel Snider as a second best option or just a Maliwan sniper in general until you find one of those.

Relying on your grenades has the problem that it might not slag what you want, when you want and it might only slag 1 guy when you wanted 2 or 3. Grenades also come with a relatively limited supply. Also if it’s not a slag transfusion your survivability drops quite a bit and if it is you likely don’t want to throw them out just for sake of slagging. You could go for Magic Missile and see how it plays out. Also Antagonist is one of the best shield options for sniper Zero and occasionally throws out slag orbs when hit so you should probably look into that too.

Running Lyuda on Zero can indeed fill that niche at least in some areas but swapping is his method of slagging as he doesn’t have a reliable tool other than that for achieving it.

You could try just not slagging things other than what your grenades get you and see where that takes you since it’ll build up a CA stack faster but that’s not something that can be done just anywhere. Some quests and areas simply don’t allow you do stuff like that or have creatures that make it impossible to achieve.

My take on tree based on the assumption of leg sniper

  • Points in Velocity are kind of area specific and Lyuda still very much enjoys OSOK. Velocity changes Lyudas splitting point further away. You could try throwing 1 point from OSOK or Kill Confirmed in there for 6/5 and see how it is for yourself but I wouldn’t go full 10/5 and leave OSOK out.
  • No real reason to put all those points in Precicion and leave Kill Confirmed out. It doesn’t kick in that often but when it does it’s more damage.
  • Killing Blow over Iron fist I’d say. Not only does it add a killing option to the build that it’d otherwise lack but it can also be used to conserve a few bullets in a real pinch.
  • If you don’t like Unforeseen go for Fearless. Also, why wouldn’t you like Unforeseen :disappointed_relieved:

I wasn’t considering the Lyuda’s bullet split when I put points into Velocity. One point should still be fine. No points if you get a Pimp for slag.

Second the Antagonist : in no way reliable as a slag source but still an excellent choice.

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Two Fang on a Sniper build? Never seen that before. =|


For raiding with the Lyuda it’s standard. But since it’s a generic sniper build there’s no need to spend the 5 points.

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Ah, gotcha.

Probably not worth it with Jakobs weapons then, since the non-sniper weapons tend to be high in fire rate.

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I’ve seen plenty of people here who run two fang with Lyuda or even Pimpernel on their OP8 Digipeak runs. Not really my cup of tea. I guess it’s an acquired taste and depends a bit on how reliant your build is on those snipers / how much does it help the other stuff you’re running with. It’s great for shotgun builds which tend to double up as sniper builds. It’s great for builds that plan on using Lyuda a lot for burst damage but might have a main gun in something like Harold. I don’t pick it but then again I’m a guy who likes to just use Pimpernel because it’s fun for me. I also stay away from it on Lyuda because it throws me off.

It’s also a useful thing to throw on your spec when raiding with Lyuda as it makes DPS faster. For me that is the only place I pick it on snipers but like I said, many people have made it work in mobbing scenarios.

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Not sure if someone already covered this, as you run low on a particular ammo type, in this case sniper ammo, the game will make it more likely that ammo chests will have sniper ammo and enemies will drop sniper ammo, so don’t worry about having enough ammo. One caveat: I don’t think this holds true in co-op, only in solo play. Same is true for grenades, so you can use grenades as a slag source and have a pretty good chance of not running out. Also, some of your sniper ammo will be replenished when you die.

The lyuda, in my opinion, is a short-range weapon due to the bullet split (depending on how many points you have in Vel0city). You want your distance to target to be such that the 3 bullets are just beginning to separate, thereby allowing all 3 bullets to hit the critical hit box. I recommend practicing against a wall to find the range that works for you.

Yes. I like a slag transfusion grenade to help with healing (I actually use the Legendary Hunter com on my sniper for the healing and cooldown rate help), but could make a case for a slag singularity grenade because that groups enemies together (better for B0re) and keeps enemies from attacking you.

For relics, for solo play i like one that boosts sniper rifle damage or improves cooldown rate (more deception = more damage coming out of deception, see below).

Also, use Decepti0n a lot. Don’t save it for getting out of tricky situations. Zer0 does tons of damage coming out of Decepti0n and it may help you from getting into those tricky situations in the first place.

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I’m pretty sure that the extra bullet from Two Fang doesn’t stack CA, and that’s why it’s not in all sniper build.

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