Solo player looking to go onlinr

Hey guys and gals, i recently (month n a half ago) bought the Triple Pack and have been playing solo on Axton to UVHM but am now severely underpowered despite correcting my build to shoot slag now. I was wondering if anyone would like to join me and or help me gear up. I got a Bee and CC from The Warrior, but the CC is electric and im a fire/explosive user so i find it kinda sub par for my needs. The gear is level 50, im level 52 now. Sorry for the huge post, or it feels huge anyways. I come from Defiance and Destiny so im used to farming for gear. My GT is HyDrOpOnIc1987 and i just fixed my mic so have opperational comms. Thanks and hope to meet some people from this gaming community :slight_smile:

Also, im willing to create a new toon for anyone else looking to get into online play as well. We can rock paper scissors the loot lol :wink:

I’m lvl 50 but I could help you look for ■■■■ I have some pretty good guns