Solo PVP is becoming a chore

Anyone else tired of absolutely god awful team mates?


Thank you. And yes! Preach my Brother.


Sometimes, all we can do is try to appreciate our small personal victories. For example, I was in a terribly lopsided Incursion match last night. We had several single-digit CRs - I was the only 100 - whereas the opposition was high-level and stuffed with quality titles. They had an excellent Reyna for support, while we had a full team of damage-dealers. And I was the only red bar.

I still went in hopeful, 'cos I always do, but it became clear that they were going to win, and the best I could do was deny them the final sentry. (We didn’t manage that either). However, I also set myself a few personal goals: I’d not die once, despite the massive odds, and I’d take down the enemy Mellka at least once. (As a Mellka main, I like to humor Mellka in her blood grudge against her dopplegangers.)

And hey, I did it. Three KO’s on the Diet Mellka, swarms of minions consumed by venom, and no deaths in a frantic twenty-minute match that went to the final sentry. Despite the entire team gunning for my head at numerous points. I only hoped the rest of my team, inexperienced though they were, eked out some personal triumphs as well. (Probably not: they died a lot.)

All in all, I had fun. By anyone’s standards, we were stomped, but I found a way to enjoy it. Maybe I’m just perverse that way :wink:


In the immortal words of Hunter S:

Calm down and learn to enjoy losing.

Love this lol
Anytime I see another Deande running around whilst playing with friends I will let them know that the “Off brand Deande is mine.”

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Becoming a chore? I can barely remember the last decent match I had.

As much as I like this game I’m pretty much fed up with it.


That’s kind of the problem isn’t it. Most people don’t like having their brains beaten in. They quit and don’t come back. I don’t PVP myself but I have listened to the complaints. They are legion.

“Why would I want to wait a long time to play a match, have most of my team quit, get my brains beaten out and taunted for it like I was in high school gym class. My entertainment time and money are too valuable. I’ll play something else”.

For the PVP crowd maybe GBX needs a kiddie pool or something but there is a reason that so many people bought the game and don’t play it anymore and it’s not Overwatch.


I know a couple of other people are doing this, but if I could offer a suggestion:

When you find yourself on a team of otherwise decent folks, who aren’t all that great, could you point them in the direction of this: Battle School - An Idea To Help New Players

We have quite literally dozens of folks who want to help people learn the game, learn tactics, etc…in a friendly environment.

It’s not a perfect solution, but I think it might help.

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@sbspalding, are you talking to me? No diNero voice intended.

I was speaking to the thread more generally, and it definitely wasn’t meant as any sort of attack.

Just wanted to let you know that the community is trying to come together to provide a stop gap solution while GBX works on something more permanent.

Often times newer kids don’t know how to get better, and hopefully if we can provide them with an option, it might help solve the problem from the ground up.

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Oh, no, I didn’t think it was an attack. I just didn’t want to respond to something not aimed at me.

The people I am talking to, in general, are not kids. These are adult gamers (read, people with more $$, but less time).
Many have many years in gaming (RPG, Strategy, FPS, etc) just not this kind.
I get the sense that most of them had traumatic times in gym class. Go figure.

I will be more than happy to point them in your direction. Be gentle and listen. It helps.
Sorry if I am being pedantic.

Aye. :slight_smile:

That’s our goal, to give people somewhere to work on stuff that doesn’t feel quite so competitive, and to provide a bit of feedback.

I hope it can be just as useful for people who know games but don’t know BB, as it can to people new to FPS etc…

It’s still a work in progress, so we’ll see how it goes.

Yeah it’s starting to get to me too, at 200+ hours I’m sorry to say that.

Between the long matchmaking times, useless team mates and surrenderers/cheaters, it’s frustrating.

Like who the hell wants to sit waiting on a match to start for like 10-15 minutes only for your team to suck ass and start spamming surrender votes, it’s pathetic.

And I swear every group of randoms I get have literally just picked up the game or are letting their girlfriend play or something.

The randoms I get to play against have battle and born tattoed on their arse cheeks.

I love the game to bits but my god is it frustrating lately.


HA! (That’s all I’ll say) :no_mouth:


It sure can be. But I’ve met a lot of cool cats in this game so I usually have someone to roll with.

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Classy. Here’s hoping you end up on the other side of my Blade Launcher. :wink:


I’m not talking about gamer girls nor am I denying the exisitence of great girl gamers, I myself happen to date one.

What I meant by that comment was that someone who isn’t the player is playing, whether they’ve passed the controller around to their friend, girlfriend, goldfish, Etc

Ever hear or see one of those gamer guys who has a non-gamer girlfriend but who occasionally will be asked by said non-gamer girlfriend to have a go? That’s what I meant.

Untwist the panties, ladies.

You know, it would’ve been pretty funny if you’d said “randoms … are letting their goldfish play or something.” Missed opportunity!


I’d sooner take a team of goldfish into a match of meltdown than the people I’ve been getting paired with recently.

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I think you mean ‘gamer’ (that’s all I’ll say) :no_mouth: