Solo Queue (PC)

Hello, I wanted to say I’m loving Solo Queue, but the only thing that bothers me is Draft Mode. I’m just gonna come out clear, I do not like Draft Mode. Why? Well, because 1. It takes a long time since we have to wait in queue longer than normal. Once we get in each side needs to choose to ban a Battleborn which takes like 5+ mins or so. 2. Everyone will ban the same Battleborn, either it be, Galilea, or Beatrix 90% the time. It’s not fun for newbies if they can’t play a certain Battleborn too since it will be ban right off the bat.

P.S. Appreciate the hard work from the team. :slight_smile:


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There are already several topics about the Draft system in Solo Queue, please continue the discussion there to keep all feedback in one place.
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