Soloed the Dragons at OP8 with Patch 2.1

Almost impossible to do pre patch on Axton…sure their are folks who have done it…heck I did it…ONCE…LOL

Only took me 127 tries before success. Not the best of odds pre patch.


After the latest patch I decided to run the Dragons again to see if some skill changes help…

AND THEY DO! This time it only took 4 tries before VICTORY.

Used this build:

The Damage Reduction in Crisis Management and Forbearance is a HUGE help in that fight. And Phalanx Shield can actually take a little damage now before caving in. You can sometimes crawl under it for a split second just to stop the pounding you are taking from the dragons. The Critical Hit boosts from Battlefront and Ranger help as well.

Best weapons are STILL Fire and Shock Interfacers (as long as you can get the sweet spot)…but a Fire and Shock Bearcat can do a little hurt as well. Yes…you read that right…LOL a BEARCAT!

I went against the conventional wisdom and used Double Up and threw my turret very close to the downed Dragon so it would engage him constantly with slag. Yes the turret would sometimes go crazy and engage far away targets instead of the one right beside the turret…who knows why.

Magic Missile for Grenade (with Grog when health precariously low)
Chaotic Neutral Ranger
Fire and Shock BoAs

I am LOVING this Patch!!


This reminds me that I really need to get around to adding the Axton changes to my personal patch. The only thing I can think of changing would be reverting Last Ditch Effort, since it was fine before. Glad to see that the other changes improved Axton by quite a bit without being overpowered :slight_smile:

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OK…I just repeated a win solo against the dragons so I know the method will work…

Took 6 tries before victory on the 7th…

Had trouble with Boost as he landed 4 times before I finally got him…

Which moved Incinerator to level 83 and he is TOUGH at Level 83 and the fire in the arena steadily gets worse and worse.

Took a gamble and threw my turret in front of him from distance and went BeeHawk on him for the last 1/4 of his health…worked.