Solution for Quitters hurts everyone, not just the people who deserve it

Attempted two games tonight, each ending in complete disaster, both in the same way.

The match starts and someone on my team DL’s right before the game begins, leaving us with 4 vs 5 at a complete disadvantage. But now due to the 30 minute timeout I have found people just don’t even play their characters, they just let them sit their knowing it will be quicker to let the other team win then even trying to play the game.

So first game, 4 people on my team, 3 just sat in the starting area and went to do anything other than playing the game, with none responding to the surrender command.

Second game, similar scenario, 4 people on my team, 2 go AFK and leave us unable to surrender the game.

Both times my only option is to go play ANOTHER video game, while I wait for the failed match to end. How is that, in any way shape or form a good solution?

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