Solution to diverse Solo/Dolo and Versus Draft Queues

BIncursion is a great gamemode but it sometimes bothers me that it’s the only that gets played. I do go on quick match but there is always one team that is too powerful and makes meltdown not fun. However on weekends and Wednesdays there is the possibly chance that you’ll play meltdown, capture, or face-off with teams that know what they are doing and it is balanced.

But during those queues everyone votes incursion all the time so the only way I know how to fix this problem is too remove the voting system entirely so that during those queues pre-made team and anybody else will have to change their tactics based on the gamemode. So if voting is removed, then we would see more capture, face-offs, and meltdown matches being played. I loves those gamemodes but I never get to play them with balanced teams who know how it functions and I would love that.

Please remove the voting system for those queues plead Gearbox.

(Some of you might not agree but that’s the fun with debates).


i agree with you bud! (although it would probably piss some people off)

Wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Sorry, but I can’t agree with you on this.

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Sorry, as much as I like diversity and being one of the few who plays anything in this game: Taking away options from players is a strategy that hasn’t worked in favour for this game in the past and probably won’t in the future.

Look back in the steam numbers and find the spike the Humble Bundle caused. You will notice a downwards spike a few days later. That was when gamemode choice was removed and people only had the option to choose the “casual”-stompfest.

People get very loud if their preferred gamemode is removed for some time or by some system and feel forced into playing something else.


Now THAT is a masterly understatement. Probably best at this point just to leave well enough alone; the mid-week solo/duo and weekend draft mode already created quite the furore.


This x1000. Casual/competitive was a disaster, let’s not repeat that.

I find mode diversity is pretty good on Xbox as is anyway. In QM I get a fairly even split of Meltdown and Face Off, possibly slightly more Face Off with the rare Capture match. On Wednesdays solo/duo kind of ruins it and turns QM into almost entirely Meltdown because it pushes teams there and they tend to prefer it to the other modes but the rest of the week it’s fine.

The only change I’d like to see at this point would be making Solo/Duo queue Draft again as I find Draft to almost be as fun and interesting as the matches themselves, but I recgonise that it’d cause quite a stir as well…

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Everything causes drama, that’s the problem with queues.

I’d prefer if teams would be put together, the captains (or a random teammember in a PuG) of each team select what they want to play (e.g. Team one: Captain’s draft Meltdown on Paradise - Team two: Warefare Rumble, Incursion on Echelon) and after that both teams vote.

If a vote always needs four options throw in a daily Spotlight featuring a map or gamemode and the “I don’t care”-button.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing solo/duo become a permanent fixture by itself. They’re some of the most balanced matches I get these days.

I could do without draft. There’s no such thing as casual in the queue and soloing is a nightmare. Saturday has become the only day of the week I actively seek out teams to play with just so I can get in some Incursion.



(Me too! That match we fought against each other yesterday was awesome, and me and @AncientBelgareth had a REALLY fun night where most of our losses were ALSO fun. We essentially 2v5’d against two well-known and skilled players who had competent teammates (the BEST of our teammates went 1/11, as a reference), and took it to the last three or so minutes, and were actually WINNING for 15-20 of the minutes. Hell, there was even a match where i got counterpicked (i was playing Toby, of course) by a skilled Marquis, Beatrix, Whiskey and Ghalt, who would drain me to about 200 health from full in roughly 3 seconds when i poked my head in lane. Yet i was laughing. Solo/duo NEEDS to stay!)

(As to the draft thing, i’d at least like to TRY it once or twice, although it is addmitedly because i’d like to remove Boldur and Beatrix.)


Simply put, if I wanted to play meltdown I’d search quick match.

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If they give me more loadouts i will agree 100% and sign w.e u want!

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Funny thing is that I, on some level, find Draft to be more casual. A lot of experieced players, if not most at this point, continiously stealth picks to try to ensure the least counter play against them possible which I personally find annoying to say the least.

I only know @HandsomeCam who continiously picks an easily counterable character right of the gate, something which I usually try and do as well. I take quite a while deciding admittedly, but then I will for the most part just let it random me as I don’t like stealth picking for myself either.


(Although sometimes i DO like to start by IMMEDIATELY picking Toby so that someone picks Ghalt or Marquis, then switch to another one of my Rogues. Mwuhahahahaha!)

(EDIT: @SirWalrusCrow, this happened last night, when i immediately picked Toby, haha:)

(The Ghalt hooked me into death four times, and in EVERY single instance, the Ghalt wasn’t in the shown three people who damaged me; in other words, i was dead before i reached the hook’s end, haha! As i said on PSN, @AncientBelgareth can attest that i was mostly laughing and yelling “FREEDOM!!”, as there was nothing i could do. My health went from full to dead or NEAR-dead if i stayed in lane for more than three seconds. My three kills were gotten when Bisco lost connection (though he rejoined). It was the hardest i have ever been countered, and the enemy team was only missing a Thorn; they probably thought “well, we NEED a healer”, haha. I can’t believe that i managed to have fun…)

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I feel just as bad for your Montana and Miko. Even discounting it nearly being 4v5 those poor bastards never stood a chance against that lineup.


The Miko did really well, considering! I got a break later in the match, as the Ghalt stopped hooking me and Montana to try and nab Ancient, and kept failing.