[SOLVED] Access violation caused by level file

I have made some changes (quite a few) to the .lua file of a single player mission and I’m now getting an access violation with nothing in the log file (even with -luatrace). How can I start to debug this? Or will I have to revert and reapply the changes step by step to find it?

Sorted (by trial and error). There were two causes, both in the .level file:

  1. addToSOBGroup() was called refering to a non-existant SobGroup

  2. addSquadron() was called referring to a non-existant ship


Glad you managed to find a solution and fix it.

@sastrei : :wink::wink:

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Goose your tirade is pointless and irrelevant to the topic and dom’s question.

Access violations have never generated an error log.

I don’t recall many Access Violations as a result of scripting mistakes in the Homeworld 2 days. If Relicnews were still around I would go check.

When i have an Access Violation, i use -FullMiniDump to generate all crash log (but simple log generate after crash can be used and sufficient) and search into it to have the solution (just what game load before crash). You can open this file with Notepad++ for example … Except Sublime 3 and some other editor that open this file with other way.

For example :

In my dump, i can see what’s the problem. (In this case it’s the wraith probe causes crash).

So, if you can’t see what’s your problem, you can, in the future, check this file.