[Solved] Blocked at the beginning of the game

I bought Borderlands 3 on Steam.
I am blocked at the beginning of the game, level 2. I cleaned the base of the enemies but when I have to look on the tv screen to see Shiv message, the video doesn’t show and I can only listen to the audio Shiv’s message. Could you help me to resolve this problem ?
Here is a screen of the situation, it’s the quest from down to up.

Do you have a version of Windows with an ‘N’ suffix? That would be my guess as this has cropped up before. Those versions are missing the necessary media drivers in the default install and you will need to add them manually.

Link: Download Windows 10 Media Feature Pack

(Same thing for previous Windows versions as well IIUC)

I have a Windows 10 Professional N version. I downloaded the media drivers packs in your link and it says it doesn’t apply to your computer, maybe the drivers are already good.

Not sure about that - you may want to reach out to MS and 2K support on that. Link to the latter is in the pinned thread at the top of this section. All I know is that if the relevant media driver is missing, the videos won’t play on the in-game screens.

See for example this post for Windows 10 N relating to a later section of the story with the same issue:

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I did what it is said in the other post you sent, I installed Media featured pack manually and it works, Thank you.


Good to know!