[solved ]Bug Burton Briggs quest

(sorry for my bad english)
I played Guns, Love, and Tentacles.

I finished the side mission Cold Case: Buried Questions and Cold Case: Restless Memories.
Burton Briggs said to me “go to cankerwood”.
He is here but he hasn’t exclamation point and when i speak him the quest not started.

How start the quest " Cold Case: Forgotten Answers" ?
I try to close game and reload but not work. Same for go Sanctuary et come back here.

Thanks for help.!

burton briggs|690x365

I haven’t played that mission for quite a while but isn’t there something to collect? In the roof space in the room he stands in?

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Look around the area he is in and see if there is something you can interact with. You may want to look up a let’s play of that specific mission so you can at least see how it is supposed to start (sorry - I did do it for a second time recently but I can’t remember all the relevant details).

Don’t watch too much of any video though - if this is your first time through the sequence you’ll want to avoid major spoilers.

If the above doesn’t help, you can try hitting the relevant on-line play section to see if someone is about to run that mission and join their game.

I think you need to finish your actual main mission. Do that and try again with Burton.


Finally, I continue the main mission and Eista give me a side mission in cankerwood. Burton Briggs has now the exclamation point. Problem solved.
Thanks for your answers.
Have a nice day.