[SOLVED] Collision avoidance help!

Can anyone help me out with SobGroup_AvoidanceIgnore()? I have used it before successfully, but for some reason the following lines don’t seem to work in a custom code file:

SobGroup_AvoidanceIgnore(CustomGroup, "Player_Ships0")
SobGroup_AvoidanceIgnore("Player_Ships0", CustomGroup)

In frustration I also tried:

SobGroup_AvoidanceIgnore("Player_Ships0", "Player_Ships0")

Which also appears to be having no effect…

Well, according to the old wiki:

SobGroup_AvoidanceIgnore(<sSobGroupName1>, <sSobGroupName2>)

Makes <sSobGroupName1> ignore the collision boxes of <sSobGroupName2>, so that it can fly through it (without damage).

– Ironically enough, that does not seem to work with the Balcora Gate, perhaps due to its ‘SuperPriority’ avoidance family --SunTzu[/quote]

So maybe check your Avoidance families?

Tried that. The only difference I can find between my two scripts is that one ignores the same ship type (which works) and the other attempts to ignore a different type of ship (which does not work)…

Ok, it is not that. Also, I think I found out how to make a ramming frigate…



But how to make an exploding ship damage the nearby ships with an explosive wave?

This is already implemented in the base HWRM game…

From the Hiigaran Destroyer:


I’ve lost way too many fighters due to this new mechanic…

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So, it turns out @radar3301 put me on the right track to finding my problem - the parameter NewShipType.AvoidanceFamily in the ship being collided with / avoided and the parameter NewShipType.MinimalFamilyToFindPathAround are important to bear in mind with SobGroup_AvoidanceIgnore().

  1. NewShipType.AvoidanceFamily = the avoidance family of this ship

  2. NewShipType.MinimalFamilyToFindPathAround = this is the smallest family that the ship will plot a course around. For any ships belonging to a smaller family, the moving ship will fly close to them and then “swerve” around them (unless SobGroup_AvoidanceIgnore() is in play…)


Well, glad I helped put you on the right track!

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