[SOLVED] Confusing error

I am getting the message

LUA 'data:Scripts\Rules\DEATHMATCH_HWCE\UnitCaps\DEFAULT.LUA' -- parameter: `=' expected;  last token read: `<eof>' at line 4 in string ""

However my version of the file is identical to the one used for Hiigarans in Homeworld2.big. Has anyone encountered this error before?

Post your file - even if its identical doesn’t mean homeworlds version isn’t scuffed too (error might just be suppressed or file overwritten)!

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I added the unitcaps for the races earlier, and they got corrupted somehow. There were incomplete statements cut off midway through.

(I think the unitcap scripts are loaded in sequence, one after the other. So the first file was okay but one of the later ones had errors.)

Anyway, I fixed those and the problem went away.