[SOLVED] Directly start games without the launcher


First of all, I’m using a GNU/Linux distribution and I’m playing HM:RC (Steam version) through Wine (development branch). I know it is an unsupported system so I do not expect to have a proper support. However I see that the developers are friendly here, so I would like to humbly ask my question anyway. Maybe it could be of interest also for someone else…

I would like to know if it is possible to launch one of the games of the HW:RC without using the launcher.

In this thread, under the “Launcher Crashing” section, there are instruction on how to that. I tried to launch both the classic versions and the remastered ones as suggested but, no matter how, the games do not directly start. Instead, Steam starts in the background and then the HM:RC launcher appears, and using it I can launch one of the games.

I read some posts in the Steam and Wine communities about other linux users that were able to launch the games as indicated above, but their notes were prior to the 2.0 patch. I wonder if the behavior of the HW:RC launcher is different now.

My apologies if the topic was already discussed and I didn’t find it yet. Thank you!

Steam will have to be running in order play the games at all if you have the Steam version. This is consistent for all Steam released games.

As for starting it without the launcher, works fine on WX. Try doing it with Steam already on and running in the background. Those fancy things in the thread you linked seem unnecessary. All you have to do to bypass the launcher is start the game directly from the relevant .exe file.

Thank you for your hint, indeed it works. Steam has to be running in background in order to launch the games directly without using the launcher.

It is partially correct. The classic versions of the games have their own executables, instead the remastered ones have only one common executable. To be precise, supposing Steam is running in background, if you launch the HWRC executable as is, you’ll have access only to the tutorial, the extra mission and the multiplayer. If you want to access to the remastered campaign of HW1 or HW2, the HWRC executable requires those parameters indicated in the thread that I linked.

Thank you for your help!

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