[SOLVED] Game Chat Goes All Crazy on Xbox X Series

Whenever my joins bro my game or I join him, our voice chat sounds like were both robots and standing in tunnels. Happens when we’re in a party or using game chat and no party chat.

Only happens in this game. All other we play are fine. The second he joins in my game it happens. It clears up when he leaves. It is unplayable.


oh… we have tried using different headsets, and wifi connections… have tried everything I can think of to fix the problem.

If you’re both on XBox, I’d recommend using the XBox party chat over in-game chat. In some games (including BL1 from memory) the in-game chat is silenced during loading screens and map transitions. (Not sure about BL3 in that respect - I’ve only played coop with the in-game cross-play feature once so far).

For the odd audio, setup at each end plays a big role. I’ve noticed similar effects from time to time through XBox party chat when the person on the other hand is close to their speakers and/or has the game audio turned up loud. (You’ll also hear yourself and their game audio on a slight delay if they have the chat going through their speakers rather than through a headset.) That’s actually a physical system/setup limitation, and there’s no easy way for chat systems to get around that.

Thanks for the reply… but we have tried party chat, game chat, fully disconnecting everything and reconnecting while in game… and doing the same before starting the game.

I’m using a wired headset, my bro using a wireless Microsoft headset. My bro just got a wired headset to try and were about to see what happens with that.

That’s why I suspect it may be an issue with the physical setting for your respective gaming areas. I get very different chat quality depending on who I’m connecting with and what their mic & headset type, speaker placement, and local volume are. I don’t think wired vs. wireless makes that much of a difference, whereas headset type and the other factors certainly do.

Just tested it… same thing, but it was a little better using the wired headset and switching party chat option to game chat. It is actually playable at least.

Really sucks too cause I been hounding my bro since the BL to play it co-op (he don’t like FPS). I’m going to some more searching and I will report my findings.

You might want to use something like speedtest.net to check your ping time and upload/download speeds. If those are bad, it might be forcing the system to use heavy audio compression before sending the data.

The other things I’ve run in to a lot - especially with cheaper mics/headsets - are physical connection issues (jack/socket) and bad wiring (faulty/broken strands within the cable).

One of the first things we did… on console and PC. Speeds were over 75+Mbps down, 25+Mbs up(console), 75+ on PC. Pings are low, packet loss 0. Both are fibre connection.

Worst thing I’m not going to be able to let this go until I figure it out.

Do you get the same issue with any other coop games, or if you just start a party chat without joining a game session?

no issue at all in any other game with chat… in party or out. We played every coop game we can get… most recent being outriders. This is the first game that give a problem.

edit: the second he joins me/or I join him… its like flipping a switch. with or without party.

One thing you could try, just to see if it clears things up a bit: go into the Social menu and turn social notifications down to minimum or off. I’d also suggest making sure that the Twitch Echo extension is turned off unless you are actively using this to stream and engage viewers. The less the game is processing over your network connection while running, the better in my experience.

yep … we have played with those settings. Only change was enable/disabling crossplay would kicks others out. Also tried the chat mix settings and audio format on console itself.

This one got me stumped… been doing tech support on pc/networks over 25 yrs. I’m really coming to the conclusion it just might be something in the game, but then I can’t find any others with the issue.

Also… while this is happening … and either of us go back to dashboard and leave the gameing running… it clears right up… and returns when we resume the game.

Yes. Figued it out. It was the Format settings on the console itself. Even though we messed with those last night also.

All I know I set the Headset Audio setting from Windows Sonic, to uncrompressed stereo. Then set it back to Windows Sonic, which is the default and it fixed it. Both of us had to do it.

Thanks a million for the input and help. I knew it would end up being something tedious.


ARGH! FWIW I’ve heard of very similar things happening in the Windows audio UI on PC - it shows a particular setting but, unless you toggle it, the system isn’t actually in the state shown. Glad you got it fixed.

God dam&&*^Y… it is back again and this time the fix is not working. We did all the same things and no way can we get it clear up this time.

Looks like we going to have to do this old skool’… just use out phones. :slight_smile:

This time I have figured it out. Once my bro and I were both in a party chat, I invite him to game. Once he joins, the chat audio plays both the game chat and the party chat at the time same time. This is where out issue was coming from. The game combines game and party chat into one stream.

While on title screen, I selected my bro’s GT and hit Mute. (Which mutes the game chat only, and not the party chat). Everything was fine then. Have repeated the process and it worked every time.

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Oh wow, I would not have thought of that. Glad you got it sorted.