[SOLVED] Game tries to switch to local when connecting to friends?

So, several months ago my wife and I started having issues connecting to our niece’s game. Up to that point we’ve all played countless hours together just fine. Now, whenever either my wife or I try to connect to her niece the game times out, teamspeak times out, even our router times out. But my wife and I can connect to each other just fine.

One thing we’ve noticed (no clue if this has any bearing on it), is that while it tries to connect the connection icon in the upper right switches from friends only to local.

I’ve tried everything I could find online. Tried unlinking steam, 2k, epic, etc accounts, tried various port forwards, tried regional settings…I’m at a loss here! I cannot figure this out!

Nothing has changed on our computers nor the niece.

I’ve seen various things posted around this. One thing that changed a few months back was that matchmaking on PC switched to using SHIFT when the game released on Steam. At least some folks have had issues where Windows Defender Firewall was blocking the game from connecting to the SHIFT matchmaking servers.

You may want to poke around the settings for that - you should be able to add a specific exemption for BL3. At least one person posted that they’d had to allow BL3 even though the firewall was seemingly turned off!

If that doesn’t work, the link for 2K support is in the pinned thread at the top of this category.

I can’t find anything for Shift on my computer in order to allow it through. But letting BL through the defender firewall was one of the first things I checked when I initially installed the game. And the help desk guys, sorry 2K and GB, but they’re a joke…“have you rebooted it?”, “let’s power cycle your router”…there needs to be a contact for people who’ve done all their research and tried everything.


And as an update, we found that if we all disable cloud sync my wife and niece can connect to each other yet I still cannot connect to our niece even though I’ve mirrored her settings and re-enabled all my account syncs.

I’m just about to give up at this point.

The SHIFT connection would still show as BL3. I’m not too familiar with the meaning of the Private and Public settings column there, but I notice you have one BL3 allowed as private and two BL3’s allowed as public: does setting all three the same make a difference?

Ok so, after posting this I was looking at BL being listed three times in the firewall. I just removed them and then opened the game and used the default action for the firewall. THIS fixed it! No clue why it was in there three times though!

Ya I got to wondering about that too, just deleted them all and opened the game again and used the default action when the firewall came up and asked. Now it works shrug I don’t get it man.

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