[Solved] GPU Showing 100%

My computer seems to restart a lot when I play this game. I’m assuming it’s because of my GPU reaching 100% a lot? Doesn’t really matter what settings I put the game on (low to ultra), still runs at the same FPS (between 70-80).

Intel Core i7-7700K @4.4ghz
ASUS Prime Z270-K
16gb RAM
Nvidia 1080 Ti 11gb

ASUS ROG PG279Q 165hz monitor (displayport)

I can run just about any other game without issues. Any help is appreciated.

well if you game crash because your GPU reach 100% than you either needs to remove that OC that you have or you have a serious thermal issue with your GPU. Mine runs at 100% for hours. no issue. If you want to reduce GPU usage, you can capped your FPS to a lower #.

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What size power supply do you have?

1000 Watt - Standard 80 PLUS Bronze

My GPU temps are fine.

if your computer restart then you have a thermal issue with your PC. It’s almost like fault protection. If you have any OC on your CPU/GPU, I would turn that down a notch or two.

Have you updated the drivers? Is it on directx12 or 11 in game? What OS are you running?

Windows 10 64bit
Directx11 (I tried 12 but couldn’t get it to load, like others in this forum)
Drivers are all up to date (version 436.30 for nvidia)

Directx12 takes a long time for the game to boot up… You’ll be stuck at the claptrap load screen for quite some time… But, I would try to reinstall the drivers. Nvidia gives you an option to do a fresh install. Are you running any other programs while bl3 is running?

Negative - I made sure I closed out of everything. Do you think it has anything to do with G-Sync running, or another monitor? Sorry if I’m being naive, I’m new to this stuff.

I don’t really know where to look for that. I see in the BIOS something about Keep Default, OC Tuner 1, OC Tuner 2… it’s currently at OC Tuner 1. Sorry if I’m naive, I’m new to this stuff.

I would definitely try turning off g-sync. It sounds like your gpu is fine and the cpu shouldn’t be an issue at the over lock you have it at. Can you play any other games?

Also, try turning off your cpu over lock too.

I have played every other games without any issues at max settings, including the latest Gears 5.

Then it may have something to do with g-sync…

I doubt it. This seems like an OC issue to me. I play with Gsync. I never had an issue.

Yeah. But if you haven’t had an oc issue with any other game, that would steer me in the direction of assuming it’s g-sync related. The game was optimized for AMD.

I never heard of a G-sync issue in any game ever making a PC restart. PC restart are usually hardware related problem. Like a thermal protection restart or a power supply not capable of delivering enough PC under heavy load.

since the op is choosing a default OC setup in his bios, it’s possible that his voltage is much higher than anyone would ever use for an OC.

I’ve had a constant issue with every Nvidia driver update AFTER version 431.60. The second I updated from 431.60, my GPU went haywire and I couldn’t maintain 120+ FPS in ANY game previously capable if doing so. My best advice would be to try rolling back your Nvidia driver until you find the best fit, or wait for the next driver update, which usually includes major/minor performance fixes.

I could attempt to change the OC but I’m not sure how or what needs to be done: switch to default instead of OC Tuner 1?

Yeah, never had any issues with other games… I’ll try gsync off and see what happens.