[SOLVED] HODOR crashes on my .dae -- what am I missing?

In Powershell, it seems to log loading the .dae and parsing SHADERS.MAP, and gets to “Creating Homeworld2 Multi Mesh file…” then crashes. I’m just making a “tiny featureless sphere” mesh into a .hod; it’s what it sounds like: only a sphere, no texture, as small as I can make it.

I know nothing about 3D modeling and in fact downloaded Blender only to make this, so I’m pretty sure there’s something I’m missing that HODOR expects. I’ve been looking at the tutorial on getting a ship into the game, but I’m not sure what bits are extraneous and ship-specific, and what bits are needed even for something this simple + entirely invisible. (E.g., dummies? joints? texture?)

If someone could walk me through the minimum necessary requirements to get HODOR to digest a mesh, I’d truly appreciate it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Might want to have a look at this :slightly_smiling:

A simple no details object may be a corner case for the toolset. It is expecting a set of items, so what may seem simple may be missing important elements.
I would recommend doing the tutorial since it is a working example. The mesh and texture can be a box and a plain white tga as long as all of the dummy nodes are present and all objects and references are named correctly

Have you tried downloading the Gaerbox example ships? Thats a good place to start.

Alternatively you could use RODOH to create a DAE of a probe or mine or something (the simplest thing there is).

I haven’t tried stripping everything out, but I think you would need at least a collision mesh (and associated dummy), the LOD0 (and associated dummy) and the ROOT_INFO dummies. You may or may not need a dummy material…

Thanks guys!

Yeah, I looked at the ship tutorial posted above, but I thought it might not be “clean” for my purposes – I figured some parts of it might end up doing unexpected stuff in the way I use it.

What I’m trying to do is just make an invisible, tiny subsystem (to throw some properties on). If I just try to make a tiny cube with the ship tutorial, as @EvilleJedi suggests, or just shrink a mine or some other subsystem as @Dom2 mentions, maybe that will do it; any further suggestions appreciated.

You say you’re using Blender. Are you using the default Blender collada exporter, or are you using the exporter in the Homeworld Toolkit add-on?

Because if you’re using the toolkit, literally all you have to do is make the cube, click the ‘convert to ship’ button, and then export using the Better Collada - HW exporter. Convert to ship will create the bare minimum required empties in the correct hierarchy.

If you’re using Blender’s default collada exporter, don’t. It’s DAEs are not compatible with HODOR at all (HODOR is expecting the DAE format to match that of 3DS Max/Autodesk’s output, and Autodesk being autodesk, they tweaked the format to more closely align with FBX than DAE).


WOW! Thanks a lot for this information! Yep, I was using default Blender. This toolkit is incredibly convenient; now the mod is going to be a lot cleaner, I think (and maybe I can even make some adjustments).