[SOLVED] How to define resource collector latch orientation?

Does anyone know how to define in which orientation a resource collector latches onto an asteroid? I have RODOH’d the HW2C Vaygr and Hiigaran collectors, which latch in different orientations, but I can’t find how… There are some markers associated with the resourcing operation, but they appear to be only used for animations. I can’t spot anything in either ship that defines the latch orientation, but it must be there somewhere.

Can anyone help?

EDIT: screenshots of my problem here:

Didn’t realize you had posted a separate thread for this. Also, emphasis again on this is HOW I did mine, but it is not necessarily the RIGHT way. :slight_smile:

Up is closest to the Y label, Left is closest to the red cone, and Heading is sticking up, closest to the Z label.

FX Markers


I believe it’s actually defined in the asteroid dockpaths.

Nevermind, I lie. For our purposes, LatchOrientationHeading should point +Y, and LatchOrientationUp should point -Z. (I don’t know what that translates into in 3DS though.)

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Thanks guys, that did it - but not before this happened:

And finally: