[solved] How to take down the raid boss reasonably fast?

Hey guys, I’m at my wit’s end.

So far, the lvl60 raid boss takes 4-5 times as long to kill on my Wilhelm as on my other characters. With my pretty generic CC/D laser beam build, it takes me 3-4 action skills per phase.

Now I know that Wilhelm is the bottomfeeder when it comes to speed killing the raid boss, but maybe I’m overlooking some synergies there?

Claptrap has all those explosive buffs, athena has elemental buffs, jack has overall damage and grenade buffs, nisha has sick crit buffs, but what can I do on wilhelm?

Thanks in advance for your input!

[edit] I’ve found that chucking ivfs while doing element matching while maxing out the mag size works okay for wilhelm. Just during the shock resistant phase, I’m still struggling a little. Switching to explosive weapons seems right, maybe I should try applying cryo too, once the shield is down.

Wilhelm is a juggernaut. Not fast. But lives forever…

Have you considered Longnail?
Bypassing the masks/shield saves a hell of a lot of time.

Good point for the big phase, now I just need a plan for the stages before that.

I can take out the regular sentinel just by circling around him with the jedi laser, but on the raid boss it does way too little and I end up in ffyl pretty fast due to his stronger whirling melee attacks.

Constant damage. And keep jumping. Air damage, and he’s much less likely to hit you.

It’s a waste of time.

OP: Check out the time trials for wilhelm.

Where are these time trials you speak of?

Look on the old forums for them in the spoiler section, I can’t bother looking for it right now as my pc sucks at surfing the web.

The time trials there are all lvl 50, and each and everyone is about using the rosie at the raid boss - not all too helpful

I think the level 60s ones around around here somewhere, Wilhelm isn’t a popular character.
Pretty much be just uses lasers and the easiest is the rosie.

what guns do you find work best?

Besides lasers:
Bomber oz Kit
Casual Ravager

got the, ivf,flakker and rosie, no ravager I’ll give it a try does a 30% shield ignore luneshine gun help?

Maliwan lasers with continuous damage are excellent. Shock has served me well with the sentinel. Dont be confined to the Rosy, while its good, ive found myself many times switching to my blasters, E-Gun is one of my favorites.

Ravagers good a purple Torgue Root assault rifle has been a great help. A 60 cyber eagle has been working pretty decent as well for me on a side note. One more thing transfusion grenades are very useful in the Sentinel fight, for me. Hope any of this may help.

That or the 10% Critical hit bonus which is easy to get on the Sentinals Big Face…or the Grenade Damage Bonus

IFV REALLY eats him up when used with a Bomber oz kit.

Agreed…Transfusion Grenades help a lot to stay up in that fight.

Howitzer class mod, Bomber Oz Kit, use Ravager/non-elemental IVF with cryo area of effect nades ----> see Iwajira die in like 5 secs, 20 secs for Felicity, can’t say for the rest of the bosses.

Why a non elemental ivf? Does a shock ivf throw not count as grenade?

Yes, but a non-elemental deals explosive damage, and the Howitzer class mod boosts explosive damage, that’s why.