[SOLVED] HW1 asteroid0, asteroid1, etc

Does anyone know the difference between asteroid0 and asteroid0_mp? Is it just the .resource files that differ, or do the HODs differ as well?


I used WinMerge on the other resources in this group, and it seems the HOD files are identical, but the .resource files have differing numbers of RU.


I understand now why this is the case.

Was asteroid0 used for anything in HW1C? Was it harvestable? I’m looking at the .resource file, and it says the RU value is 1200. All the other asteroids in that particular series are worth 100 RU, and are later tweaked within the level file. I was wondering why this file sticks out.



This wiki page explains things:


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In the resources options how can I increase the RU of all the asteroids with out getting a negative number on some. I am trying to do this from the game options menu instead of going through all the map files and changing the RU values manually…

Thank You…

One option is to edit the .resource files and increase the resourceValue parameter.