[Solved] I can't create a new character

I start the game normally, but just when the FL4K pet bites the poster of the vault hunters the game crashes.

I tried to create a DLC character and it worked, but when I reopened the game at the exact moment the character should load and appear on the screen, the game also crashes

My computer:
i5 8500 3.0 GHZ
UHD 630
1 X 8GB DDR4 Ram

So, today I remembered that there was an old card here at home (Radeon HD 6670) and I decided to install it on my pc, even though it is inferior to another one, for the reason of not being an integrated card I think it helped and the problem doesn’t occur anymore on DirectX 11

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Thanks for updating your post - you’ll have no idea, but I’m sure it will help someone