[Solved] Incorrect Metacritic Score/Link on Homeworld Remastered's Steam Store Page


As of 16 June 2015, the Metacritic Score is correctly displayed on the Steam Store Page for HWRC, and the link goes to the correct review page.

Thanks for correcting that!

Original Post:

There is an error on Homeworld Remastered Collection’s (HWRC) Steam Store Page which doesn’t seem to have been brought up in this forum before.

The score (currently displayed as 89) links to Homeworld: Cataclysm’s Metacritic page instead of the appropriate score of 86 and HWRC’s Metacritic page.

I’m sure this is just an oversight, and I hope it can be remedied quickly in order to avoid more drama over the wrong score being on the page.


Thanks for correcting the error on the Steam Store page.