[SOLVED] Item on the ground = massive fps drop

If there’s even just one item on the ground my fps drops from in the hundreds, down to 70 (with nothing else going on) or under 60 depending on map location. As soon as the last item is picked up or I look away from any items, the fps goes back up into the hundreds. There’s pretty much always items on the ground, so I’m often in the 50-75 fps range, which is terrible for screen tearing (and therefore a feeling of stutter) on a 60hz monitor.

Here’s 2 screenshots showing the problem very clearly: https://imgur.com/a/Tye8Cci

I’m thinking it must be the vertical trail of light that items emit. I’m not talking about the item card - I don’t have to get close to the item for the fps drop to happen.

Is there any way to fix this, perhaps with a .ini tweak? Searching the sub and googling didn’t come up with anything. None of the in-game graphics settings affect the issue. Could it be physx related? I’ve tried enabling/disabling physx hardware support in WillowEngine.ini, no change to the result.

Specs: i7 @ 4 ghz, 16GB ram, 2x 970 SLI.

I need to maintain a multiple of 60 fps +1 (181 or 241) for smooth gameplay because I don’t have a high/variable refresh rate monitor and SLI adds a frame of inputlag which means vsync cannot be used as at 60hz it would cause too much total input lag. All I can do is throw lots of fps at it.

A few people have had similar problems in both BL1 and BL2. There seem to be a variety of causes, so the different solutions you can find here and in the BL2 equivalent may or may not be relevant. Worth a look though - it could well be connected with the periodic memory purge of dropped items that’s built in to the game, and there is an ini tweak for that.

Thanks for the reply, VH101. I’m unable to find anything on here, both in the BL1 and BL2 technical subforums, that relates to this issue and what you’ve just said. Not even through google. If you know where to find the information, please share it. Thanks.

I’ve submitted a support request through Gearbox customer support, but judging from the generic auto-reply I got about updating drivers, running dxdiag & msinfo and sending them the output, I’m expecting absolutely no help there.

Update: a healing kit on the ground (has a red light trail, but no random stats) has no impact on fps. A weapon or class mod on the ground does wreck the fps.

In the backpack UI (inventory), the fps is just under 200. Hovering over a healing kit so that its details are displayed the fps doesn’t drop. Hovering over a weapon or class mod instead, the fps drops to 53. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
…while CPU load remains low, and GPU load lowers slightly. The game itself is doing something causing the bottleneck here.

I doubt it’s graphics related because why would a red trail be any different from a green one?

Is this in the remaster?

I got this in the remaster, but when an item card popped into view (gear or mission items like TK’s food); the loot beams themselves don’t seem to affect anything on my system.

In my case, I had fps locked at 60 and vsync set to on in Borderlands’ options. An item card popping into view would cut fps to 30. What I did to get around it was set my fps to unlimited, turned vsync off in Borderlands, and set vsync for the Borderlands application to Adaptive in the nvidia control panel. There’s still a slight drop at times, but it’s mostly not much of an issue.

Not the remaster. All my testing is done with fps uncapped and without vsync (obviously, because there’s 285 fps in one screenshot and 68 in the other). I did mention a 181 fps cap in my first post - I’ve edited that out now, as the 181 fps cap was removed for subsequent tests including when I made the screenshots.

I also wrote to Gearbox’s tech support department. What an absolute JOKE they are. Look at this if you want a good laugh: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/144252?page=1

I’ve now gone through the entire WillowEngine.ini, line by line, trying changes to anything that might apply, none of them affected the issue.

Here’s some of the BL1 threads relating to massive FPS drops. As I said, they may not all be relevant to your specific situation, but there are a number of things that cause FPS drops so it’s worth checking these out just in case it helps with your situation.

It’s related to SLI. When I run BL1 with SLI disabled the fps drop doesn’t occur.

Now in the same location my regular fps is lower: 211 instead of 285, but the fps with an item on the ground is 196 instead of 68.

My only explanation is that for equippable gear (with random stats) the game must be heavily using information from previous frames, which destroys performance with two GPUs that are in AFR mode trying to alternate the rendering of frames. It normally reduces performance back to single card performance, so why BL1 would make that 35% of the performance of 1 card, I don’t know.

The “SLI rendering mode” (last item in the SLI category) in nvidia inspector must be set to “autoselect”, which is the default. Forcing this to AFR2 is what causes the problem I encountered. It’s ok to leave “Nvidia predefined SLI mode” set to force AFR2.

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