[SOLVED] Level description weirdness

I use the following code to set the level name in my HW1C>HWRM converted levels.

levelDesc = [[<c=]] .. DescColor .. [[>]] .. SourceGame .. [[ - ]] .. LevelName .. [[</c>]]

DescColor is a hex color code.
SourceGame is either “HW1” or “HWC” depending on the map.
LevelName is different for each level.

The weirdness is that in the game setup screen, the "HW1 - " string is missing. The text color is correct. The level name is correct. It’s just the prefix that doesn’t show up.

Even weirder: when I return to the game setup screen after finishing a match, the missing text is there. But ONLY for the map I just played on. All the others still are missing the bit of text.

Any idea what is going on?

That’s rather bizarre. Could you post or upload a complete section of code, including where those variables are set?

Where is “SourceGame” defined?

Edit: What Siber said.

Never mind, guys. The names are being read from the LevelList table in “leveldata\multiplayer\dm_hwcm.levels” which I also created, but is missing the “HW1” and “HW2”. My mistake.