[SOLVED][LOCALE] Locale questions

I just extracted “locale\scripts\keybindings.lua” from “English.big” and copied it into my mod at “data\locale\scripts\keybindings.lua”. Is this correct? Or should I copy it to “data\locale\english\scripts\keybindings.lua” instead? I dunno.


Never mind. It’s the latter.

Next question: If I edit the English version of “keybindings.lua”, should I do the same for all the other languages, as well?

Also, will the mod upload tool detect the locales and properly add them to the BIG file? Because IIRC it was kind of a PITA back in the HW2 days.

  1. you should, yes, otherwise it won’t work for everybody :wink:

  2. yeah, I remember that too. I hope the tool do that automatically (I suppose so)

I can confirm that the workshop tool does handle locale files.

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