[SOLVED] MAIN MISSION: imminent storm (see second post)

I am blocking in a goal that is “contact maya” I hope you will help me because it blocks me history

I am supposed to do what to fix this problem because I am lost and it is boring to do anything at a game that you like.

and I watched on youtube person had this problem
either I recreate a character but it can redo the same problem or I do not play the game

May 28th, 2020. this bug is still there.
I just got to “the impending storm” and saw some small chitchat between Lilith and Maya. Now I’m stuck @ ‘contact maya’.

Fixed it by installing the Windows media feature pack.
I had it installed before, but after the big windows 10 May 2020 update (version 2004) it apparently needs re-installing. Figured it out because I noticed no video was showing from the ceiling projector and I only heard the audio. Going to the video folder and playing “VidScreen_CallToMaya.mp4” worked, but my videoplayer complained it could not load EVR (custom presenter). This put me on the right track.

So for anyone using a Windows 10 N version (without media player features) with this issue. Do the following:
From the windows notifications bar open “all settings”, then “apps” now click “Optional features”. Select “+ Add a feature” and search/look for “Media Feature Pack”. Install it and reboot. Success!

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Thanks! Looks like the same issue as right at the start of the game.