[Solved] No sound / cutscene / cannot play


My spec are as follow : i5-4670K / RX 590 / 16go ram / win10

I’ve updated my drivers.

When i launch the game i have the folowwing problems :

  • no sound at all
  • no cut scene (black screen)

I’ve got access to the main menu, then when i click on “new game” and select the difficulty + the coop mode the game switch to a black screen and … nothing else happen.

I’ve putted my visual setting to minimum, tried with fullscreen / borderless.

I’ve tried to put dx12 but then the game don’t even display the main menu.

Any suggestions ?

i uninstalled my audio drivers (focusrite / suffire6) and now i’ve got acces to the sound and cutscene.

But game normal works after cutscene? I have exactly the same problem. Now im doing format becouse i received a new disk. I will see later if it works.

yeah the game is working, i can play now.

The sound problem did totally screw up the gme though.

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