[SOLVED] Orendi Lore Challenge Nice Hat Trick Not Progressing

SOLUTION: If SFP isn’t counting for That’s A Very Nice Hat Trick then make sure your Ability Activation is set to “STANDARD” and not “INSTANT” under Settings > Gameplay. (I have not Tested “QUICK”.)

[GBX] Please fix this so that this tracks under all Settings please. Instant is really nice to use! =)

BUG: This bug relates to Orendi’s Lore Challenge called That’s A Very Nice Hat Trick.

The text of the Lore Challenge reads -

“Use Shadowfire Pillar 50 times in a single match, 10 times”

However, I’ve done this and more, in Heliophage for instance, I used SFP over 150 times. And yet I’m still at 0/10 on this Challenge.

If this Challenge is for Public PvP matches only, please share that here and include that in the Lore Challenge text. If the Lore Challenge is bugged, please fix this so that Orendi players can collect her Legendary Gear.

I’m on Xbox and u didn’t have any trouble finishing orendi’s lore challenges. I believe it was doable in the story mode as well. Might be a more specific bug, I dunno?

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The same thing, but for me it stucked on 3/10
On Open Beta i had no problems with that.

Same problem. Completed all other lore challenges for Orendi days ago, but Hat Trick is still stuck at 0/10. Been spamming Shadowfire Pillars for days since the build I use is a Shadowfire Pillar spamming build anyway, with all the cooldown reduction for it stacked up to the max. Even been counting how many times I use it during a match. Even without counting the secondary pillar attack from Encore I’m getting to 60+ uses in pvp matches and the lore challenge is still at 0/10. During open beta I unlocked it without even trying, it was one of the first ones I got just through playing the game.

Challane is cleared on my account too, so Orendi-issues on XB1 so far :heart:

Hopefully there’s a new patch in the works that includes a fix for this issue. =)

Here it’s ok for now.

I’m about to test it again. I’ll report back what I find.

I’ll do the same.

Archive with 3 players, AoE DoT SFP, 151 times, no increment. But I thought of something, I have Instant Action turned on so I’m going to do one more test with Instant Action turned down to Click to Cast Click to Place and see if that changes it. (Maybe the count trigger is on the Click to Cast Action, and that’s being skipped by Instant Action?)

EDIT: That’s EXACTLY what it was! As soon as I went back to Standard instead of Instant I got it on the next match!

SOLUTION: If SFP isn’t counting for That’s A Very Nice Hat Trick then make sure your Ability Activation is set to “STANDARD” under Settings > Gameplay.

Wow! Thank you! But… playing without “Instant”… Okay

Happy to help!

Yeah, I miss INSTANT almost immediately as well, but I’m back to it now that the Lore Challenge is complete for me. =)

I’d be curious as to what other Ability based Lore Challenges are affected by this, whether QUICK has this problem as well or if it’s only INSTANT, and if changing this setting mid-mission or mid-match causes the counter to start or stop.

Unfortunately I’ve already completed this Lore Challenge on Orendi myself, so I’m looking to the Community here to test. =)