[Solved] PS4 trophies will nor sync

Noticed after earning first trophies for PS4 GOTY, that sync of trophies doesn’t work. Synch bar fills, but BL1 is not added to Trophies game list at all. Additionally earned trophies don’t appear on friend feed (mention of first play is there though). Got only notification in -game. Trophies are visible oin Notifications list. too.

Maybe PS4/XBO BL1 GOTY should have their own forums? Posted here in good intentions :grinning:

UPDATE: Managed to dig BL1 GOTY (PS4) trophy list from depths of my console:

  1. Go to Notifications
  2. Click on last earned trophy
  3. Get error code WS-37073-0 > OK
  4. From given options (Try again/View trophy info saved on PS4) select View trophy info
  5. Ta-daa. Regular trophy list visible with earned trophies.

There has to be easier way :laughing:

Still relevant issue. If I go normally straight to Trophies, synch bar fills-up but nothing happens. No BL1 on game list and obviously no trophies. No biggie, remember this to have happened on some other new game in past. “I say: “Patience”.”

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Hey @CountKarloff!

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Hi there :grinning:

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Update 2: Problem solved. Probably was issue on Playstation side (trophy lists not uploaded to servers?).

Huge kudos to GBX for made it possible to re-visit game that resonates most to me of BL’s :ok_hand:

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