[SOLVED] Red items in build/research lists

I was able to get my custom build and researches to appear in the game menus. However, most of them are red as if the unit caps had already been reached.

Is there a specific cause of this? I checked the unitcaps scripts and don’t see any issues. Where are the unitcaps families defined? How do I add a ship to a unitcaps family?

\scripts\familylist.lua has the basic list of categories under unitcapsFamily =

In the .ship files setSupplyValue defines how much cap each unit takes up. You can have multiple instances, battlecruisers have three under Capital, Battlecruiser and LayoutBattleCruiser.
The last of these might be your problem, the remaster added several categories that start with ‘Layout’ and these are referenced by the various game types.

For example \scripts\rules\deathmatch\unitcaps\default.lua

Potentially adding one of these to your ship files will make them viable build options.

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Thanks, that helped a lot!

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