[SOLVED] Resource collector salvage joint

Why does this happen?

I notice hgn_resourcecollector.ship has this line:


So I copied it into my ship file and created a “SalvagePoint1” joint, but it made no difference… Does anyone know to define salvage pick up points?

I think you define it in the salvager file. If I’m not mistaken it’s a hard point in the HOD file.

Yes, what I was trying to say is that I have that point in my HOD, but it still isn’t working. I even tried putting it in silly places…

ok, JNT[SalvageOrientation] seems to do the trick.

3 days to go, so this must just be a warm up @Pouk @Kragle


Good reminder!

Ok, so this thoroughly confuses me, but this is what I had to do to get this working, which I’m sure is different to what I had pre-patch 2.0 (the last time I seriously looked at this ship)…

JNT[LatchOrientation] and associated directions (note they had to be behind the ship, otherwise it buried itself inside the asteroid it was harvesting or the ship it was repairing):

JNT[SalvageOrientation] and associated directions (these are more or less where you would expect to have to put them):

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Strange. I don’t recall having to do that. Now I’m curious. Have to go look and see…

ok, I actually had it the wrong way up… Oops! This is how it should be:



Ha! You had the naming wrong. I didn’t catch that :slight_smile:

Not the naming, the rotation. JNT[LatchOrientation] was 180° out. I didn’t change any names…