[SOLVED] Rules script not showing up in menu

I’m trying to port one of my mods from HW2 to HWRM. However, the game type is not showing up in the drop-down list in skirmish screen. There are no errors in HWRM.log.

Here are the first few lines of the script:

GameRulesName = "HWC Enhanced 2.0.0"
Description = "Multiplayer options from the Homeworld Classic and Gameplay Enhanced mods for Homeworld 2."
SaveGameVersion = 1.0
SinglePlayer = 0
ExtFilter = "rules_hwce"
Race_Paths = "deathmatch"
Level_Pass_Tags = "hwcm"
Race_Pass_Tags = "race_dm,race_random"

Here’s the path to the script:


Here is the command line:

CmdLine: -overrideBigFile -luatrace -noMovies -w 1366 -h 768 -windowed -ssTGA -moddatapath DataHWClassicEnhanced -mpbeta -freeMouse

Any clue what is going on? My other mods are working fine.


Also, have the build and research Lua files moved because of the update?

build and research folders are located in the race specific folders under scripts > races now.

do you have the corresponding rules folder in place as well named homeworldclassicenhanced ? it can have props, tags, and unitcaps as valid subfolders

Could you list the complete path to the build and research files?

Here’s my script path:


and the folder:


Did you add this filter to your cmd-line, or to a ConfigFilters.lua under scripts for your mod? If HWCE plays with the base game (done right it should), you don’t need that.

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No I didn’t. Nor did I do that with my other mods, which work.

Mostly, it plays with the base game assets. There are some slight adjustments to build and research, as well as a few extra ships. The gametype rules are completely different though.

FFS the problem was that my mod was missing “keeper.txt”. Why is this file even needed still? Can’t we get rid of it?

Good to see you around Mikali …

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