[SOLVED][SCRIPTING] Identifying built subsystems

I’m trying to come up with a way to tell if a ship has built a particular subsystems.

Can I use SobGroup_GetHardPointHealth for this?

Am I limited to using the hardpoint names contained in the .ship files?

What about generic hardpoints?

Can I determine what type of subsystem is installed there? Are hardpoint names used inside the HOD files as well?

What tool can I use to change them?

You could try SobGroup_HasSubsystem . The function appears in the globals dump but I can’t find it in any of the games code. My guess to how it works is SobGroup_HasSubsystem( <<>sSobGroupName>, <<>sSubSystemNameOrType> )

Look at SobGroup_CreateSubSystem for what each argument is. Again, this is only a guess and I haven’t tried it.

For determining what subsystem is on which hardpoint… I don’t think that is possible. At least not without constantly keeping track of what subsystem has been built/destroyed and knowing which hardpoints they can be built on.

I could not find a SobGroup_HasSubsystem function. There is Player_HasSubsystem, but it’s not the same thing.



Nevermind! It must have been added in patch 2.0!

Did you work out what the arguments were?

I know you can use use subsystem name ( eg Hgn_Ms_Sensor_AdvancedArray ) but unsure if you can use the subsystem type ( eg AdvancedArray ) . Other then that, it works like above (<<>sSobGroup>, <<>sSubSystem>)

Thanks! I was trying it with the name and it wasn’t working. I will try the subsystem name. Another one I am trying is:

Player_HasSubsystem(<iPlayerIndex>, <sSubsystem>) — I assume those are the arguments…

I will report back…