[SOLVED][SCRIPTING] SobGroup_SplitGroup()

Does anyone have an updated version of this script or a similar script or workaround?


It is returning multiple ships in a single sobgroup, because “there are only two ships in sSobGroupToSplit”.



Never mind. The same function exists in “data\leveldata\multiplayer\lib\lib.lua” but renamed to SobGroup_SplitGroupFromGroup, and I just used the workaround Gearbox devised.

Does SobGroup_SplitGroupFromGroup work on ships in hyperspace too? Or does it just work for ships in alive space? Thanks.

I believe technically it should work on ships in hyperspace.

Guess you’ll have to try it and let us know for sure :slight_smile:

I tested it, and it does seem to work in hyperspace. :slight_smile:


Just remembered that “Player_Ships0” sobgroup does not include ships in hyperspace, so in practice I’m sort of screwed since I need all ships.