[SOLVED][SCRIPTS] Make a sobgroup disappear?

Is there a way to make a sobgroup disappear/die that:

  1. is instantaneous and/or invisible
  2. does not leave debris
  3. does not show up in the game log as lost or destroyed

Currently, I move them to a point far away and then set their health to zero. Unfortunately, that does not satisfy #3.

Also, I am now trying to do this with ships owned by player -1. Unfortunately, the SobGroup_Move function does not accept -1 as a valid player number. And just setting their health to zero without moving them causes an audible bang. (And maybe triggers their death animations. I dunno.)

I thought I tried several times in the past…

But SobGroup_Despawn seems to do the job. (Not sure about #3 yet.)

Why did I not use this from the beginning?


If you just use SobGroup_Despawn , the disappeared unit will still occupy your unitcap.

I use SobGroup_SetHealth afterward to kill it.