[SOLVED] Secondary collision meshes (shields)


I’m having a problem where my secondary collision mesh (on the ship, its just another object in ROOT_COL but called COL[shield] on its own joint) is blocking shots, but in the next moment it’s not.

Here is a longer video of it, you can see in the first 36 seconds its for the most part ignoring it, but after it hits it a lot more (sorry for the stutters my OBS isn’t feeling so good).


From what I can deduct when a salvo is fired the weapons sometimes does take into account the collision mesh, but sometimes doesn’t. Anyone have any ideas why this might be/if I can get around it?

On smaller ships the impact is much less and usually hits the collision mesh, but for this large station it seems quite the opposite :cry:

Any help/suggestions is appreciated,


There is a bounding box around the ship determined by the root COL mesh, its only marginally bigger than the root and this was my issue as my shield was too big.

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