[Solved] Self-Ship Modifiers

Does anyone know how to add ship multipliers that affect only the host ship? I’ve been looking at the fire control line in the subsystem and vaygr command corvette files, and I’m trying to get an inhibitor immunity using this:


I’ve managed to get ships that hyperspace in couples to work halfway, as one will take hyperspace damage, and the other will not, but that is using the ‘ownshipswithinradius’ bit.

The value for the multiplier is at 0.01, as putting 0 will result in no change.


Quoting Karos:

: Specifies which ships within the fRadius receive the specified multiplier. Possible values are EnemyShipsWithinRadius, OwnShipsWithinRadius, OwnShipsWithinRadiusExcludingThisShip, and ThisShipOnly.

I can’t seem to get that to work though. I found the old Hw2 wiki and read through there, then search a bit through the forums. 178thBattleGroup had a solution, involving editing the default research lua. Thanks though.