[SOLVED] SobGroup_SetTactics

This function seems to have been deprecated in Patch 2.0.

What is the current equivalent function in the new system?

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I discovered SobGroup_SetStance() as well.

What is the difference between SobGroup_SetStance() and SobGroup_SetROE()?

What does “ROE” refer to?

ROE = Rules of Engagement

Stance is aggressive, neutral and passive and ROE is evasive, defensive and offensive (I think)

Check the default game files for examples/confirmation

What are they though? How do ships behave differently?

I don’t understand your question. They are equivalent to clicking on the 6 buttons at the bottom left of the screen, defining the way ships are behaving

Yes, what do those buttons do exactly? I am confused because they are so similar. I also can’t find an instruction manual in my Homeworld folder.

To paraphrase Bitvenom, For ROE, Evasive tweaks weapon power down a bit and maneuverability/speed up a bit, Offensive tweaks weapon power up and speed/maneuverability down.
Passive/Neutral/Aggressive is the same as in HW2, and governs whether ships will go out of their way to chase down enemy craft. ( in theory. It always seemed like they’d chase down bad guys regardless of stance.)
Aggressive is also useful if you have a ship that can target munitions, if you give it a MoveAttack order.

So the ROE stuff just adjusts power distribution (engines vs weapons)?


You can add this on your list :

Player_SetGlobalROE ( “PlayersID” , “ROEValue”)
Player_SetGlobalStance ( “PlayerID” , “StanceValue”)

As a replacement of : Player_SetDefaultShipTactic(“iPlayerIndex”, “iTactic”)

I think it also changes squadron formations In some situations. It got talked about a lot leading up to the big patch, shouldn’t be too hard to find

Game crashes if I insert SobGroup_SetStance into the .level file

Going to try it in the guard.lua file…which makes more sense than the .level file…

Well, inserting ‘SobGroup_SetStance’ in the Guard.lua, it doesn’t crash the game…but that damn Dreadnaught is still not hostile…and you can’t even target it…

Wait…is it significant that the Dreadnaught is highlighted with a red Icon, but you can’t target it?!?

Is it significant that you can try to capture it, but once the capture bar is complete = the Dreadnaught still isn’t under your control?

This function cannot be insert into .level file, and Guard.lua is useless for it.

Add this function to mission script only. And it will be normally work. (With my mission is work …)