[SOLVED][UI] Communicating with game rules

My mod has a feature where each player can see what his teammates are building and researching. I use the old ATI method to display them on the screen, but am now forced to find a different method.

How do I feed this info from the game rule into the UI (most likely newtaskbar.lua or its children)? Are there specific functions used to get/set the text contents of UI elements?

If the text content is different for each player, will it cause desyncs? The info is not deterministic.


The best solution would be to create a specific UI screen dedicated to it. There are functions to modify UI elements, especially text labels (UI_SetTextLabelText).

Do you have a picture of what it looked like before with the ATI system ?

Here’s a picture:

Mike  uploaded this image to

Stuff definitely needs to get moved around since there is less free space in HWRM compared to HW2C. I was thinking of using icons to spawn child frames, like events and queues work now.

ok, yeah, those kind of things are clearly better into the UI than into the ATI system !

Try to make a mockup of what you would like to have and where in the HWRm UI, and I could help you make the UI for it :wink:


Simply adding more Left Side Handy Buttons, and stuffing the info into subframes without fancy effects, would be okay. I think I can figure that out.

But I need new button icons for the additional game rules:

  1. Bentusi Roulette
  2. Bounties
  3. Team Progress Meter

Here’s the readme for the mod:


Do you have any idea of what you would like for the button’s pictures ?

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Maybe a roulette wheel for #1. Paper money for #2. A stick figure group hug for #3.