[SOLVED][UI] in-game timer

There’s an item in the newtaskbar.lua file called “TimerControl” or “GameTimer” or “Left Side Handy Buttons”.

How do I enable this while playing the game? I can’t find the buttons on the left side to toggle them.


I don’t understand your question, as it’s activated by default since the patch :


Edit : was perhaps not activated by default. But I had it already activated pre 2.0 patch (the timer was shown in the middle top of the screen at that time)

Weird. The main menu says v2.0, but I can’t see the timer.


I should clarify that I am playing Skirmish not Multiplayer. Does that make a difference?

Mine was skirmish too. Did you activate the “Show Timer” option in your game’s options / UI&HUD tab ?

Thanks! That was indeed the problem.

Great ^^

Could you add a “resolved” to the title of your thread ? Would be great :slight_smile: