[SOLVED][UI] newtaskbar.lua buttons

How does this file know that a match is multiplayer or skirmish?

Also, how does it know to move the Left Side Handy Buttons up or down depending on the type of game, or whether it is in developer mode?


To show or hide those handy buttons, it is done in native code. You can do the same in LUA, but in that specific instance, it’s in native.

Look at GameBalanceScreen.lua to see how a UI screen could include code in a clean way.

As for how to tell if a match is multiplayer or skirmish, @BitVenom made an improvement that I’m not sure how to explain. The Rubrics are not as necessary any more.


There is a way to configure UI elements for them to automatically place themselves depending of the other visible elements around them. Some of those elements also have names and are activated depending of the game type (sp/mp/skirmish).

I will make a UI tutorial when I’ve some time, and after I finish the rainbow mod, to explain all the tricks and all the values which can be configurate


Also, could your artist provide some tips on reproducing the “look” and “feel” of the UI and DDS icons in Photoshop? Does he have any PSD files he’d be willing to share?

If you are careful you can hack the UI shaders (post_uiscene) to ONLY show the UI, and then ONLY show the alpha for that UI. This would give you the ability to screenshot these, and bring them in to Photoshop with layering and transparency still active - a handy way to do some edits or mock-ups…

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That’s something I was afraid to ask too. Especially for the “background” of buttons (the handy buttons for example).
For example, I created the following image for my rainbow mod, by cleaning one of the original button, but it’s far from perfect (it’s working great here because the middle is obstructed by the image I add). So if we could have a versions of those buttons without any foreground image, it would be great to replicate the style of HWRm and have something better integrated :slight_smile:


But I know it’s borderline to ask for original material, even if it’s buttons background. That’s why I refrained to do it when I started my UI mod :confused:
Any thought on that @BitVenom ?

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In the case of the Left Side Handy Buttons, we have the 8 frame DDS spritesheets located in “ui\newui\taskbar\hudicons”. But I’m not an artist, so I don’t know how to reproduce them in PS or GIMP.

I need two spritesheets: one with a roulette wheel, and another with an icon representing a “team” of players.

I am able to split the RGB channels from the alpha channel, but your artist most likely has a source image with multiple layers.

That’s what I used to make my icon, but there is no “clean” version in there unfortunately :confused:

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I don’t know what you mean by ‘clean’? Those are very, very easy to re-purpose… If you open those DDS files and select by alpha, then nuke the rest, you have the actual layer art from Photoshop…

The extra ‘blur’ you see is a special pre-save tool in PS we use to ensure that the alpha pixels, even when very subtle, don’t bleed the wrong colors… A step many places forget that leads to bits of darker feathering, etc…

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I will see, later next week, if I can take a minute to talk about the graphical commands in the UI - as few seem to have figured them out. And there are a TON of things you can use there that make life easier…

By “clean” I think he means the colored background square minus the pictographs on top.

After splitting off the alpha channel, you still only have a single RGB layer when your done. PS files can have dozens of layers.

Sorry if what I said was confusing, I meant the “background” of the button.
In the example below, I supposed you had a clean background common to each buttons, and only added the part specific to the said buttons above it (like the 3point+i and the 4 horizontal line)

To create my own button, I had to “clean” the central part of the button (behind the added logo) to recreate something wich would blend the best way with the HWRm UI.

Sure - but the ‘background’ is pristine and easy to extract from the icons. Actually, for most of our buttons the background and icons are 2 entirely different bits of art… ? The core ‘skin’ for the game is just a few re-used and re-patched graphics for outlines, edges, etc…

You’re sure ? At least not for those buttons, thus my original question in fact. There is perhaps some which are done in two separate bits of art, I’ll have to check !

Not really. The bottom frames especially have some sort of circular blur that is hard to reproduce.

Lemme see what I can find for ya…

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Lossless PNGs of the RGB and Alpha for a left menubar item ‘background’ sans foreground icon. Tada!



Does your artist have some tips on how to do the foreground icons that go on top of the backgrounds? Do you have some of those handy? Regardless, thanks!!


Looking more closely, it seems the colors don’t quite match what @Dwarfinator posted. Not sure why.

I pulled those directly from the source PSDs… lemme see if there was another variant…

Nah, that’s it - the PSD files have the initial version. The final shipping version is a ‘color corrected’ version of that - so I imagine probably rather easy to do based on that. I have both versions, just pre-colored/post-colored are both baked down from the PSD, so I’d have to reverse-engineer the operation done. Won’t be tonight! You will likely get there first…

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If you have a clean copy of the foreground icon layers, that might be enough.