[SOLVED][UI] newtaskbar.lua buttons

I’ll find a way to just post some PSDs tomorrow… :slight_smile:


@BitVenom, did I ever say how much I love you ? ^^


That would be great! Thanks!

Here is the color corrected button background (RGB + alpha layer) :

and a comparison with the original ones :

Unfortunately, as seen above, all the buttons don’t have exactly the same background colors (especially the blue at the top, without even mentioning the Chat one which is totally different and not included here), so I used the one with the best number of comparison points (the 3dots+i)

Furthermore, here is a state list to know what’s used and when (each button “zone” being a 128x128 square) :

And a big thanks to @BitVenom, your files helped me a lot !

EDIT : there was a strange thing in the original files from BV and I saw it only after writing this post (the halo effet on the bottom button is not symetric). New uploaded pngs have been corrected.


Could you post the original PSDs? Thanks.

the original psd of what ? I just had to compare BitVenom file with the dds in game and found that the Hue/Saturation/Luminosity of the whole thing had been changed by -15/-8/0 respectively.
After that I added the two colors at the top and middle.

You want a psd file of the comparison picture ?

Sorry, I thought bitvenom sent you the PSDs.

Ah, no, sorry for the confusion, I was talking about the pngs he already posted here :confused:

I’m still interested in the icon layer that goes on top of the background. I think your mod doesn’t need one since the icon is just a fully opaque circle.

Oh but I’m interested too ! I’ve began to try to recreate the step in photoshop between each state of an icon, but it’s a long process, and having a psd as example from GBX would help A LOT, that’s for sure !

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Here are the GIMP files for my experiment with making my own sprites.

The roulette wheel is a little too bright, and the fourth frame from the top is missing the greenish glow around the pictograph. But you get the idea.

I did a little more work and got the glow to look pretty close to what it should.

You can download the GIMP file here:


The GIMP file has four three layers, each with its own mask. So you can fool around with it better than just the PNG.


Not bad at all ! :slight_smile:

alpha layer reconstruction done (the last one to the right), with all the intermediate steps layers :slight_smile:

still the RGB layers to go !

@Mikali All done ! I still need to clean the process a bit, but I’m not too far from the truth ^^
Edit : I don’t know if it’s only me, but the forum doesn’t show my pngs ! Clicking on it works, though (@JoeKGBX may I summon you ? I had the same kind of problem here)

Did you have time to look at this ? :slight_smile:

They aren’t clean enough to post without a bunch of edits, and you guys seem to have gotten there first…

ok, fair enough ^^
It would have help a bit I think. But perhaps also too easy for my tastes ^^

Thanks nonetheless :slight_smile:

Good job!

Thanks ^^

Finalized version :
on the left, an original directly from HWRm, and on the right, mine done with photoshop and fully layered

Happy Dwarf is happy :slight_smile:

edit : with the forum preview bugging again as a bonus :cry:

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