[SOLVED][UI] Subtitle_Message() not working

Does this function still work the same way it used to in HW2? I am using it to show which music track is playing at the beginning of a match. However, I can not get it to show up reliably, and it never lasts the full 10 seconds I configured it for.



Also, how do I add messages to the events list on the left side of the screen? According to the wiki, the “UI_AddToEventScreen()” function doesn’t take arbitrary text strings as arguments. They have to be preconfigured in some file or another.

I tried with 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 100 seconds. Each time, the message disappears about 9 seconds too soon.

I can’t help you on that one, I’ve never used it :confused:

Never mind on the first question. Once I added a time interval to the game rule, Subtitle_Message() began to work properly. I guess there are problems if you start some game rules too soon or immediately.

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