[SOLVED] Universe_Fade stops working deep into mission map

Ran into something strange.

Universe_Fade, when used in both event table and out stopped working in locations of my LUA were the same, untouched code, worked before.

Since my mission map is getting very long I wonder if I crossed some invisible barrier that exceeded what can be done?

I am also seen some other anomalies like Pings and Pointers randomly displaying their text one play through and then missing their text the next.

Just wanted to post in case someone else has ever experienced this and solved why.

I have had some strange behaviour related to loading/saving while I was updating the code… Loading a saved game after making changes to the mission files does work, but not if the changes are dramatic.

I found that this function causes some strange anomalies at times.

Universe_AllowPlayerOrders( 0 )

for instance, a Universe_Fade will not fade but just black out instant if following the previous function in event table.



Does not work if following AllowPlayerOrders… but will work if it is the line above it.

I see that AllowPlayerOrders is used in campaign for end of mission only. however I needed it since I was adding in game scenes and did not want the player to change ANYTHING to make sure all went well… it is the only function I could absolutely lock the player out of HOME key, ESC key, Moment, Sensor, etc all at once.

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Aaahhh, so Universe_AllowPlayerOrders( 0 ) blocks all the player’s commands, even the shorcuts, that’s really good to know !

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